Rental Rates
Rental bikes are in high demand, we strongly recommend calling ahead for reservations. If you use clipless pedals, we require you to bring them with you at the time of rental pick up,  so that we can install them.
Hybrid Bikes or Trikes:

$20 for one day
$50 for three days
$75 for the week

Road BIkes or Race Wheels:

$45.00 for one day
$95.00 for three days
$125.00 for four days
$150.00 for the week
$275.00 for two weeks
$125.00 each week after two weeks

Mountain Bikes:

$150.00 for the week (minimum 1 week)


No Charge w/bicycle rental purchase (Platform, Speedplay x/0, SPD, SPD-SL, Look Keo, Egg Beaters)

*subject to availability.